Synesthesia is a neurological condition where two or more senses of the brain are connected. About 4% of the population has some form of the condition.

For me, my visual and auditory senses are connected. This causes me to physically see sound and hear color, a type of synesthesia that is more specifically referred to as chromesthesia. The sound of my voice is violet purple, a finger snap is a cloud of fuchia, and my violin is a swirly cloud of red-orange and gold.

This condition is what inspires my music, as I write each song with the intention of creating a specific and unique color. Sometimes when I am writing and producing music and something just doesn’t sound quite right, I can look at the song and determine that there needs to be more red, or that the greens need to be rounder, in order to create a balanced mix. The songs on “Synesthesia” are all different colors. To learn more about the condition of synesthesia and how it has influenced my creative process, you can check out my TEDx talk on the subject.