About Me

The electronic music of 19 year old Annie Elise features mellow sounds that manifest themselves in simple and versatile melodies. Annie’s music is heavily influenced by a neurological condition called synesthesia, which causes her to physically see sound and hear color. In 2017, she gave a talk at TEDxLancaster about the condition that went viral, amassing over 105k views and becoming the most-watched TEDx talk on the subject of synesthesia. Since the talk, she has been an active songwriter/producer/ engineer/instrumentalist behind the scenes of songs and projects for other artists, including Eternal Frequency, Taller Than Trees, Fowler & Folk, Mahogany Purple, Claire Donzelli, and Carousel Kings. 

Open Eyes marks the beginning of a new era for Annie Elise as an artist. The song was premiered as part of the #iVoted festival on election night 2020, which broke the record for the largest single-night digital event in history in the name of increased voter turnout. Top streaming artists from swing states were asked to perform a few songs for voters. 

Originally a classically trained violinist, Annie says that her interest in electronic music was inspired by her synesthesia. “I loved being able to create sounds that produced colors I liked. It felt like being a conductor of an orchestra, except I was a conductor for color.” Influences from artists like Bad Snacks, Lila Drew, and FINNEAS helped her find a production niche in combining light vocals, live violin, and synthesizers to create music. 

Annie is currently studying music production at Berklee College of Music and remains actively working on productions with partner Sebastian Olaya. Open Eyes is the first release of the pair, with more releases scheduled to come.